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Technology cannot replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teacher can be revolutionary

Be future Ready;Embrace digital content delivery-Drive efficiency & growth

Adoption of digital content delivery system can improve process efficiency by more than 45% and drive cost reduction by more than 30%.Moreover,enabling blended teaching pedagogy increases learner engagement by atleast 46%

Dusterboard's platform combines the ease of digital adoption through its simple, intutive user experience along with state of the art modern functionalities like analytics, automation and multi source content aggregation.Dusterboard's award winning artificial intelligent recommendation engine makes engagement for the learners and reduces the industry-academia gap. Massive online open courses(MOOC) is revolutioninsing the learning and skilling sector. Dusterboard helps harnessing the benefits of MOOCs and e-learning along with the comforts of offline, face to face learning.

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You cannot bore people into buying your product;you have to assist them into buying your product

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Increase target audience

Nearly 3/4 learnera and market worth $160 billion remains untaped. The chief reason for not adopting online channels includes accessibity, familarity with offline channels and lack of requirement.Dusterboard solves these limitations by bridging gap between online and offline learning modes

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Context aware reach

Dusterboard understands the context of the content learner reads and personalize it by engagement through context specific videos, forums, research journals, blogs and news. Patnering with dusterboard, provides unique opportunity to reach learners with what they need and when they need.

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AI assisted market-place

Artificial intelligence is the next game changer in the branding and marketing. Especially in EDU-Tech, understanding specific needs of learner is crucial. Thus flipped marketing using machine intelligence to reach probable customers can improve customer reach.

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Learning experience for learners

Dusterboard's smart learning portal creates an ubiquitous learning experience by aggregating personalised learning, collaboartive learning, e-learning along with the face-to-face learning in the form college education, tuitions and coaching classes.


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